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  • Emergency Contact Number : (+973) 39418071

Indian Community Relief Fund(ICRF)

The Embassy has constituted two Committees – Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) and Indian Community Services (ICS) - consisting of Indian community volunteers to assist the Embassy in mitigating the problems faced by the workers.

A 24 hour helpline (39523969 / 39010782) is available for reporting any complaint of maltreatment, abuse or assault etc. or seeking any legitimate advice. A Legal Aid Cell has been formed to provide assistance to aggrieved workers in cases of illegal detention, maltreatment, non-payment of dues and claims for compensation for disability / accidents etc. The ICRF provides, in deserving cases, air tickets to stranded workers including housemaids and seriously ill destitutes. It also meets expenses on local cremation or transportation of mortal remains of destitute Indian nationals to India.

ICRF also organizes medical camps where Indian workers can avail of facility of free of cost medical check-ups and consultations. The Embassy in cooperation with ICRF has constituted Local Help Committees in different parts of the city. These Committees would work as help lines to assist needy Indians and will operate in close cooperation with local police station. The ICS, the task force of ICRF, comprises ICRF Managing Council members and representatives from medical, insurance, education, business and social welfare fields and acts under the guidance of the Embassy for community service.

Community Welfare Services

Salmaniya Mortuary Visit:
Mortuary at Salmaniya Medical Complex is being visited regularly by ICS members to check the human remains of Indian nationals. These visits and follow up actions helped disposing the human remains of Indian nationals expeditiously, either by local burial/cremation or by repatriating to India.

Prison Visit:
Visits to the Bahrain Prisons to find the conditions and ascertain the welfare of Indian inmates are undertaken by ICS members along with Embassy officials with the permission of the concerned authorities. Prison visits enabled ICRF to discuss with the authorities for appropriate facilities and treatment to the inmates. Food, clothes and telephone prepaid cards are distributed to the inmates.

Immigration Detention Centre Visit:
Regular visits are made to the Immigration Detention Centre and many Indian nationals have been assisted in leaving the country.

Immigration Directorate Visit:
Regular visits are also made by ICRF volunteers in coordination with Indian Embassy officials to help Indian nationals in clearing immigration formalities.

ICRF Helpline
Local Help Services with a Help Desk and Helpline Nos. 39523969 / 39010782 is available 24 hours.

How to approach for ICRF assistance?
ICRF Financial Application Forms are available at the Indian Embassy Counter, with ICRF Managing Council members and all Indian Associations/Clubs. Please provide complete details, attaching relevant records and submit at the same counter. The cases will be carefully scrutinized for assistance in deserving cases at the earliest. For more information and assistance, please contact Indian Embassy on 17714551/17714209 or ICRF Chairman on 39455587.

Legal assistance
The Legal Cell of the ICRF, as a free service,  is willing to provide advice/assistance/clarifications to the Indian nationals in Bahrain or those who intend to take up employment in Bahrain by taking questions pertaining to their employment related matters and requests for any legal assistance. The contact details of the ICRF Legal Cell are:

Email: lcicrfqgmail.com / Fax: 17716149 / 17717309

How to contribute to ICRF?
Your contribution in kind or in financial terms is welcome and deeply appreciated. You may kindly contact Embassy of India (Mr. Ravi Shanker Shukla, Second Secretary) or Mr. Aruldas Thomas, Chairman, ICRF.

Suggestions and queries are welcome and may please be forwarded to:
Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF),
C/o Embassy of India,
P.O. Box 26106,
Kingdom of Bahrain