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Agreement of Employment Housemaid

Requirement for attestation of Employment Contract for HOUSEMAIDS

  • The housemaid should not be below 30 years of age
  • Agreement of Employment of an Housmaid and other related forms (Download Formats) PDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site.
  • NOC (visa)
  • Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labour in the name of the employer
  • CPR copy of the employer
  • Passport copy of the employer
  • Passport copy of the employee
  • If the employer himself/herself is an employee of some company/firm/organization, he/she should be drawing a minimum salary of BD.1,000 per month (Please attach salary slip along with bank statement for the last three months).
  • If the employer is a businessman, copy of the CR and also the latest bank statement.
  • Bank guarantee Certificate of US $ 2,500 from any national bank in Bahrain. This amount will be made available to the employer after the departure of the employee and also after getting a statement from her, prior to her departure from Bahrain, stating that she has been paid her salary and that she has not been harassed in any way. The employee should come to the Embassy and give the statement in the presence of an Embassy official.
  • A mobile phone with SIM card, at the cost of the employer should be given to the housemaid and other domestic employees.